Hi! I'd like to be administrator of Unciklopédia. I've been admin on hungarian wikipedia, wikiquote, wikibooks so far. Where should I go to get this flag? Thanks! NCurse 2006. május 25., 01:17 (CDT)

Thank you! :) This uncyclopedia is not hosted by Wikia? I don't really understand it now. :) NCurse 2006. május 25., 09:05 (CDT)

Ok. Now I understand it. Don't you want to move this project to Wikia host server? Because in this situation we are not part of Wikia family. Do you host Unciklopédia on your own server? NCurse 2006. május 25., 11:24 (CDT)

The .uncyclopedia.info domains point here to one gigabyte of rented space on one server in some big server farm. I don't own the server hardware itself. --Carlb 2006. május 25., 18:10 (CDT)

And one gigabyte will be enough? NCurse 2006. május 26., 01:43 (CDT)

Yes, it's 95% empty now (even with the approximately nine hundred pages total on .uncyclopedia.info fi.uncyclopedia.info pt.uncyclopedia.info zh-tw.uncyclopedia.info ja.uncyclopedia.info hu.uncyclopedia.info it's only using fifty megabytes at the moment) and, if we ever need more, we can get more. --Carlb 2006. május 26., 08:01 (CDT)

Great. :) But why did you do it? Why are you so good to us? :) NCurse 2006. május 26., 12:09 (CDT)

Thanks for creating this uncyclopedia for us :) Zoknibáb 2006. május 26., 13:09 (CDT)


Hi! We have some problems here:

Thanks for help. NCurse 2006. június 24., 00:46 (PDT)

In Special:Namespaces, 10:«Sablon» was listed as "discussion namespace of 10:Sablon", confusing the poor computer. Changing this to 10:«Sablon» "not a discussion namespace" and 11:«Sablon_vita» as "discussion namespace of 10:Sablon" fixes the problem with the templates. --Carlb 2006. június 24., 11:40 (PDT)